It's Horrifying...

...that we have to fight our own government to save the environment – Ansel Adams.

In light of megaquarries that threaten to poison the water that we rely on in ALL of Southern Ontario, smaller gravel pits that could create a water crisis in Paris, Ontario, incinator plants, food rendering plans make life uninhabitable for people in St. George, dump expansion plans, plans to accumulate sewage sludge in the back yard of elementary schools and homes and then dump it back on farmlands to produce the food we eat, the rapid sell-off of our food producing lands – this statement has likely never been more true.

We are just passing through – we are given a mandate to steward our resources, not just the personal ones we think we own but the ones that have been given to us globally.  We borrow this land, we don’t own it. We would not borrow a book from someone and dump garbage all over it before returning it.  Why are we doing this to future generations who will have the clean up the mess that we are allowing to occur under our very noses.

When we, as adults in this generation, with the freedom to speak in a democratic society, are called to answer for what we have not done to protect these precious non-renewable resources, may we NOT find ourselves ashamed.

October 21, 2012

If I Had Wanted to Live in a Big City...

I would have moved there. 

While there are nice areas in the big city, to be sure, they are more often characterized by densely populated suburbs – all in that ubiquitous shade beige stucco and matching beige brick.  Pretty much indistinguishable from each other – model home 1,2,3,4 or 5 notwithstanding.  Whilst standing on your back deck (if you are lucky enough to own one) you could probably wave at 15-20 neighboring homes all at the same time.  If you have long arms, you can likely stretch from your rooftop to your neighbors.

I don’t want to live in the big city.  I want to live in Brant County. 

When I look out of my back yard, I see green.  When I look out my front door, I can wave to neighbors some distance apart.  I have green space around my home. 

I treasure and value the lifestyle in this community.  I treasure that it is safe to walk the streets because there is little traffic. 

I treasure that people here have lots large enough to support mature trees (not possible on 50 foot lots). 

I treasure that people here know one another.

I treasure the wildlife that is supported by the watercourses around my home.

I treasure the quiet I hear most of the day.

I treasure the stars I can see at night, because there is not a lot of light pollution here.

I treasure the sounds of peeper frogs, crickets and coyotes I hear as I fall asleep.

Brant County is beautiful.  It is agricultural.  It is rural.  It has space and green and water.  It FEEDS PEOPLE!!!!

The policies of the Ontario government and the greed of developers threaten this lifestyle throughout Brant County and in in many places all over Ontario. 

Foodland is disappearing at alarming rate.  It is much more profitable for developers to plough over prime farmlands, eliminate wildlife habitat and destroy rural areas than it is to infill the brownfields that sit empty throughout so many of our cities.

While I’m thinking of it, before you put that produce in your basket today, make it sure comes from an Ontario farmer.

Sigh….I guess I can’t complain if I don’t speak up. 

My two cents.

September 12, 2012.

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