Character of Tutela Heights

Nature & Character of the Tutela Heights Area

The Tutela Heights area “hugs” the bank of the beautiful Grand River and pristine rolling farmed hills and boasts the Bell Homestead as an area attraction. 

There are no sidewalks in the area.  Residents walk the streets in relative safety due to low volumes of traffic.

There are few streetlights in the area – historically residents have asked Council to leave the area “dark sky”.

Traffic volumes are low and slower paced because the neighbourhood is essentially country roads.

The area boasts quite large lots with mainly modest homes some distance apart.

Residents value a quiet, rural lifestyle which has made this a desirable area in which to live.

What will development change here?

  • Preliminary development will wedge 200 homes into the neighborhood, with a large proportion of those homes having foundations less than 10 feet apart – highly inconsistent with a neighborhood that enjoys distance between the homes and large rural lots
  • Traffic volumes will increase significantly – 222 trips in the peak evening rush hour, 172 in the peak morning hours.  What will happen to the many people who walk Tutela Heights for recreation?  What will happen to the relatively fragile country roads with this increased volume?  What will happen to an already unstable riverbank?
  • Loss of “dark sky” neighborhood
  • Many people built their homes here originally and now face a loss of property values and potential retirement income due to the negative impacts on the neighborhood
  • Road upgrades will be required, leading to potential increases in property taxes
  • Loss of foodland – beautiful rolling farmed acres which currently support wildlife will be leveled for development, never to produce food again
  • Increases in noise, traffic, density will rob the neighborhood of its valued rural lifestyle
  • Negative impacts on area soils due to the dump of 133,590,000 liters of TSE (Treated Sewage Effluent) per year on surface soils from the sewage plant – will residents be dealing with flooded basements?
  • Potential odor and noise concerns with a septic system covering 8 acres of pristine foodland and a 4,000 square foot pumping station

This is an aerial (Google Earth) photo of the existing Tutela Neighborhood and the farmland which is the proposed development site.  Large lots, spaces between the homes, green space and farmlands.

This is an aerial (Google Earth) photo of an existing Walton Development.  (Edmonton)












Beautiful Tutela Heights Road, known as one of the most desirable areas in Brant to live, will see a doubling in traffic volumes.  The areas where residents, many elderly, walk daily will experience much higher density, aggression and speed.








Will the Bell Homestead National Historic Site be quite as attractive when wedged into a very busy subdivision? 

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