The Grand River is a beautiful part of the Tutela Heights area but it’s history is one of a very unstable riverbank.  Governments have spent many thousands of dollars attempting to halt the encroachment of the river – and several spectacular slides have occurred.


From the County of Brant Official Plan…

The intent …is to both protect and enhance these areas (Grand River) and to also ensure that development is protected from some of the risks associated with development occurring too close or within areas that are susceptible to flooding, erosion, etc.*


Read more about Walton’s plans for the Grand River under the “sewage” tab on this website.


Tutela Heights Road winds along the very steep and eroding riverbank.  Many thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds have been spent over the past decade to stabilize and shore up this riverbank.  Residents question why the County would entertain 5 and more years of heavy construction vehicles when there is a possibility of accelerating the next riverbank slide.


  1. It will not be the developers who will lose property if and when this next slide occurs – it will be the residents who own land on the riverside of the Road.


2. It will not be the developers who bear the cost of increased stabilization activities of the riverbank - it will be the taxpayers of Brant County. 

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