From the County’s Master Transportation Plan….”planning for the Soutwest Brant Area associated with development in the Shellards Lane and West Brant areas to determine impacts on Phelps Road, Brant County Road 18, Mount Pleasant Road and Pleasant Ridge road in the County.  Monitoring will be directed at the roadway network impacts and benefits that are expected to evolve through the City’s planned capacity enhancements in Southwest Brantford across the Grand River in the remainder of the City road network and links to Highway 403.”

“Interpretation – No work is planned to expand the road network in the affected areas in the medium term (not until after 2021”


There are no plans in the County’s own documents to upgrade roads in the Tutela/Phelps network however this development will likely introduce 4-600 more cars into this small area.  The road itself is fragile and somewhat unstable.  It is a narrow country road in places and in others, quiet homes front on the road itself.  This will have the impact of turning a quiet neighborhood into a high traffic area.  Again, we have concerns about loss of property values, quiet lifestyle and even safety and security, as many residents walk Tutela Heights road in relative safety.   Estimates show 222 more trips on Tutela during peak evening hours, 172 more in the morning peak hour.  Given that there are few new jobs in Brant County, it is reasonable to expect that many of these cars will head east to the GTA, further clogging Garden/Blossom and especially the already pressured intersection of Cockshutt and Phelps, not to mention 403, etc.

Raw data counts conducted by Stantec indicate a daily count total of 445 travelling eastbound on Tutela Heights to the Mount Pleasant intersection.  Of these 129 cars travel between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., east bound down Tutela Heights and south towards Brantford.  The study indicates an increase of 172 trips in the same peak hour.   Assuming the single exit model for Riverbend, this more than doubles existing traffic volume.

Assume the rest of this increased traffic heads east on Tutela Heights Road towards the GTA.  This is a significantly winding country road which is considerably more narrow than the western part of Tutela.  This section of road has seen more than one fatality in its history. 

Given developer’s stated plans to turn Tutela into a bedroom community for industrial development in the eastern areas of Langford and Cainsville, one can safely assume an even greater clogging of this tiny country road. 

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